Hi! And Welcome to my new page!

In this page, I would like to introduce my soon to be wife and I call her Tina My Love (when you Love someone you think of most endearing ways to call him/her). I've been divorced for a long time and been into a series of failed relationships. However I did not stop from Loving and finding someone to Love again is very important to me. Tina and I are destined to be.

She hails from Albay province and meeting her online was unexpected. Lugnut has a very important role to this meeting so I would like him to be invited to our soon to be wedding next year 2019.

Tina found my personal website on google and she did not hesitate to ask me a lot of questions. This paved the way to getting to know each other more. She found Lugnut an amusing dog and she voluntarily started translating the story in her own language. The Lugnut reader with Filipino translations is yet to be published... so stay tuned and grab a free copy! :)

Then from Tina's idea, the Tips book was born. This book was created for the purpose of giving simple and doable tips and techniques for couples who wants to have a Loving, healthy and successful relationship.


Along the way, we Fell in Love...

It took me a while to see Tina in person due to work priorities but eventually did!

And here are some photos of my visits to Tina.

Read more about how our relationship blossomed and developed by clicking on the link below.

Our Journey to Love

How and Why I Love You

In sharing this story, I hope to inspire those who haven't found their missing piece yet... That there is someone yet to come for those who can wait, and wait patiently.


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My uncle taught me everything that I know about Road Runners and inventions. He lectured me frequently about using modern technology in capturing Road Runners. Unfortunately, they are scarce here in Atlanta, Georgia

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