Grant Projects

Currently I have a number of projects that I’m working on:

Here’s some details about all these:

Publishing Current Writings and Books in Progress!

I have just published a short science fiction story called “The Probe”. It’s an interesting story in that it doesn’t go where you think it’s going when you read it.  It goes…Somewhere better.  I classify it as “Inspiring SF” because it has a good ending.  I wrote it one Saturday morning walking in one of favorite local parks.  The story came to me to I scribbled it down on some paper I had in my pocket.  Later I wrote it all out.  It’s a short story but a good one I think.  You can find it on SmashWords ( 

It’s FREE!  So you don’t have much excuse for not reading it.  It already has two four star reviews.  (Wow!  Maybe I can write?!)  It’s also on Kindle but it’s not free yet as it takes a while to convince Amazon to change a book’s minimal price from 99 cents to free.  You can help by emailing them and telling them that the book is free on SmashWords so they should set the price to free as well.  The link is   Enjoy!  And, oh, you can freely pass this short story around to friends, family, and other people.  Just keep it unchanged.  And use it to pass on the idea of positively inspiring science fiction (instead of the many negative nihilistic science fiction that’s been overly popular the last couple of decades).

Lugnut the Pickup Driving Dog - Story 1:  How I Met Lugnut

I just have to finish the transcription from my handwritten version I did while I was in the hospital a while back, update the book cover with new photos, final edits and formatting and then it’s upload time again.  Kindle and SmashWords and probably iBooks and a few more sites.  (I’m getting the hang of this ebook publishing thing!) If you’re not sure by the title, this is a kids book.  Well, it’s an everybody book, really, as it does feature a dog that drives his “owner’s” pickup truck at night and gets into all sorts of adventures with his root beer drinking animal buddies.  So, while kids will probably like it, I like it, and think that even adults will like it.  It’s more story then pictures (actually this version won’t have pictures in it so I can publish it now rather than sometime later) and really appeals to the general reader audience who wants a good yarn with some humor in it.  It least I think that it has humor in it.  It has a porcupine in it.  That’s humorous, right?

So I hope/plan/pray that I will have it out soon (before Christmas I plan).  And am taking some vacation days off over Thanksgiving to make sure that I finish it SOON. 

You’ll like the price of this first story too – It’s FREE!  It’s to start out the series…Lugnut gets into some interesting situations and predicaments and adventures.  After all, if a dog could drive a pickup truck, he’s just bound to get into adventures, right?

Stay tuned for its publishing…

The Walk of the Snow Maiden

Ah, now this is a very unusual and wonderful story.  It’s of a young Native American woman, her baby, and her short life being chased down by soldiers…  It has a good ending though.  A profound one.  I include my author’s notes on how I came to know this story (that will be a surprise to you!).  And about what it means (which is quite profound).  You’ll have to read the story to understand.  It’s a very short story which means that I don’t have time to write a longer story about it…And that in just a few short paragraphs the story says so much…It’s probably perfect as it is. 

But it would make a great movie in a longer version.  So stay tuned…

So There…So Far…

So these are my initial writings that I’m going to publish real soon now”.  I have a lot of other writings, ideas, theories, and books to publish.  That’s why I need to organize my writings and develop the Book Factory approach and software tools.

Organizing My Writings for Publishing Soon

Goodness!  How many book ideas do I have?  Enough to last me 20 years of steady daily writing.  In an incredible diversity of subjects – Fiction, spiritual, technical, theories, psychology, etc.  So how am I going to handle this?

First I organize all of my writing papers and notes.  Then finish organizing all of my writing computer files.  Then triage schedule them:

  1. Ones close to finished that I can publish ASAP.
  2. Ones that can be finished fairly quickly and published soon.
  3. Ones that can wait on the back burner.

I will mix the topics/subjects up initially so that I get something published across a fairly wide range of diverse topics.  I gotta show my great writing diversity on my Wikipedia page.  Ah, you do have a page, yes?  I don’t yet.  But I’ll have one soon. 

Stay tuned for updates…

Developing a “Book Factory”

Developing a “Book Factory” with supporting software so I can write and publish all the many books that I have planned and in the works.

Yep, this is very high on my list.  I can write 600 to 1,000 words per hour but there’s not a good software tool or tools that can help me organize these words and put them into books in a form that is easily published as ebooks.

At least there aren’t such tools as I need…Until I build them.  Did I tell you that I develop software too?  Gosh, I’m multi-talented.  Now if I could just figure out how to stop my microwave from blinking “12:00…12:00…12:00”.  I put black electrical tape over it but I just know that underneath it that it’s still blinking “12:00…12:00…12:00…”

Finding a good PhD program for me.

Ok, do you know a good university that has a good PhD program in hyper-dimensional physics with practical application to the development of inertial-less drive technology?  And other practical technological applications?  No?  Well, I haven’t been able to find one either!  And there’s no good theoretical physics programs that I can find that’s not mired in the rut of the Standard Model, Einstein relativity, and hopelessly stuck and not moving forward string theory (although the membrane theory is making some progress).

Yes, current Earth physics is rather quaint and backwards and finding a place to make my contribution of a quantum leap forward is proving to be rather impossible.  So it looks like I’ll just have to do my own research and publish my work and leave it at that.  The planting of seeds of thoughts, ideas, and theories.  For future implementation by others.  Sigh!  Life can be so…constraining at times!  I did want to so visit Mars within the next few years!

So, I’ll just have to find some other PhD subject area and program.  I’ve found an interesting one overseas.  It’s a remote program so I can take it anywhere on the planet or from orbit or anywhere the speed of light delays don’t interfere too much.  I’m applying this month and hope to start in a few months or so.

hy do I want a PhD?  Why do I need a PhD?  Well, when I was in sixth grade the girls would giggle and call me “Professor Anderson”.  Where I work now they call me “The Professor”.  I’m slow at some things but I finally figure out that I need to have a PhD.  And I’ve always wanted one!  So there’s the answer!  Cary Grant Anderson, Ph.D.  I like it! 

And then maybe I’ll start spelling “Ph.D.” correctly!

Completing my TESOL certificate.

So I’m going to class to get my TESOL certificate.  I’m half way through right now and will finish in about 2 months.  What’s TESOL?  Test Extreme Sports while Outlandishly Laughing?  No, that’s skydiving.  TESOL = Teaching English to Students of Other Languages.  After I finish I will have a certificate from a major US university and could get a job teaching English in many foreign lands.  Sometimes for big bucks such as Saudi Arabia or Dubai (if I wanted to go there).

But why am I taking this certificate course?  My primary objective is to have a fall back option that allows me to travel to other countries, find gainful easy employment in those countries, and also most importantly to potentially qualify for lifetime low cost health insurance in Thailand.  Huh?  Well, you really didn’t think that the government is going to pay for your healthcare after the industry crashes under Obamacare did you?  And you really think that Medicare and Social Security are going be there in the years to come?  The short answer is that the Social Security Crisis of 2024 is going to significantly drop social security and Medicare benefits and disqualify many more people from either.  This will just be par for the course of the way American government is going.  So I don’t expect it to be there for me when I get old enough to qualify for it. 

So I’m making primary, secondary, and tertiary backup plans.  I can easily teach TESOL in Thailand at a public university or organization and qualify in a few months for LIFETIME health insurance there.  It has a good price too:  About $14.00 a month.  This coupled with the very low cost of living in Thailand, a friendly people and stable government, and plenty of ruins and temples and culture for me to explore makes Thailand a much more appealing choice for early retirement than say, East Rutgut Middle of Nowhere USA.  I am working on getting rich (at least enough) and would like to live in the US and different countries as part of an early retirement in the future.  That’s the primary plan.  TESOL gives me flexibility as well as something to do (I do like to do teaching!) and a fall back health care plan. 

I could be in sunny tropical low cost Thailand paying $14.00 per month for very broad and good healthcare while you’re here in the States working two jobs trying to afford what, $650.00 or more per month, in healthcare insurance?  And guess, what?  I’ve done my research and Thailand has better doctors and hospitals in many areas then the US.  That’s why “medical tourism” to Thailand (and other countries) is becoming so common.  So it sounds like a good tertiary backup plan.  And besides, I can teach English as a volunteer to orphans.  Which is what I plan to do in my semi-retirement.  Orphans are often neglected and ignored.  And I can relate to their plight from my own experiences as a child.

And I’ve found the topics in class to be fascinating. An incredibly great instructor too!  I did a presentation on “Phonetic Alphabets” to the class the other day.  Did you ever wonder why English isn’t written as it’s spoken?  That’s because it is non-orthogonal…  I’ll have to post that presentation here on this site

And I’ve also realized that I want to be close to a university where I can learn different things and stay fresh and challenged by learning new things.

Completing Phase 1 of My Super Website CMS.

Ok, so I am using “Ok” to often in this page.  Ok…Oh, there I do it again!  Oh, ah, I’ll have to figure out how to write here without repeating myself like that.  But I’m rather new to this, writing about myself and such.  So I’m a bit self-conscious and such.

So if you’re reading this you are reading this on a website that is powered by my Phase 1 DaVinci Man Software super website CMS software.  That’s certainly a mouthful!  What this means is that I’ve designed and built the website software that powers this website web pages that you are now reading.  I didn’t find any good and flexible CMS type website software that was affordable (less than $10,000.00 a copy a website!) so I am building my own.  And this is it which is essentially a beta copy that I will refine into a phase 1 release.  It will have a lot of very nice features packed down into a comprehensible and very useable website that can easily support my need for mini-website for my books, videos, software products, theories, and so forth. 

I have ideas that I will implement that no current website software has.  And, yes, I have commercial interest in developing this software.  There is method to my efforts.  There will be a free personal version as well as commercial and non-profit versions.

I’ll have more information posted as I complete more of the software.

And losing some weight so I can go skydiving again.

Ok, so I’m overweight.  I have my excuses and my rationalizations.  And my “eating disorder”.  Which is working too much, eating too much, and not getting enough exercise.  So I’ve been making changes in my life and working on losing weight.  I’ve contemplated the do-it-yourself Sears shop vac liposuction option but I’d have to buy one of the big ones that can hold a lot of blubber.  And not suck out a kidney or liver or pancreas or one of those internal organs that I just can’t live without. 

So I’m trying the old fashioned “eat less more responsibly” and “exercise more” approach.  I tried that special exercise approach where you are chased by bloodthirsty pit bulls.  It’s a great way to get MAXIMUM EXERSION exercise but there’s a downside if the pit bulls catch you (they pull you apart) and if you wrestle with them and talk good dog talk to them you become friends with them and then they just don’t chase you as hard as they should.  I guess there’s advantages and disadvantages to every exercise approach and plan.

And why do I need to lose weight?  Beyond the obvious reasons for good health and fitness?  Well, I want to go skydiving again.  I’m right at the limit for tandem jumping with a 260 square foot canopy so…I don’t push the limit and don’t jump.  L  Once I lose about 25 pounds I could be good to go but to go back into AFF and jump solo I’ll need to lose more.  AFF = Advanced Free Fall training.  I’ve had that already and passed. And I earned a special Native American name with my skydiving (and auguring into the ground with my last jump):  Big Turkey That Tries to Fly and Falls To The Ground!  What a great thing to have a good Native American name!  It’s beats my previous designation of “The Flying Walrus”!

Why skydive?  Because it’s just SO MUCH FUN!!!  It’s a blast!  My son Aaron skydives about twice a month and has his Class A license.  He’s working on his Class B and on up.  He likes to do backflips in freefall.  You only get about 60 seconds of freefall (with a 120 mile per hour wind steam that can make it hard to breath) but it is liberatingly fun!  Not else like it.  Then, of course, the excitement of landing in one piece.  And having the courage to do it again.  It’s not just an adrenaline rush.  It’s a totally rad experience!

I will have to post some skydiving photos here and my video.

And I will have more projects in the future.  I’m a driven over achieving workaholic so I gotta keep busy….

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